Saturday, 9 August 2014

Fox Manor

A Quiet Corner.......Something to do!

Hi everyone

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend :)

Thank you sincerely to all who comment on my work and leave such lovely feedback, I really appreciate it.

I have been waiting patiently (for the first time in a long time) on supplies to continue with the second floor of my manor - namely The Lady's Floor.

With not being able to do a great deal on the construction side, I turned my mind to other things, and, as it happened the Lady's study furniture wasn't really going to fit into her planned sitting room, (along with everything else) so I hijacked the husband into making me a little corner display for it. :)

A very important stage :)  The Planning!!!!  I love this part, deciding what to use and what will go where :)  Here's the lovely little unit my husband made, in the raw stage, wood top and bottom and mdf sides....ah........the smell of timber - lovely.....  It is about 7 3/4" on the straight sides x 10 3/4" high (inside measurements).

The box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates on the book table were bought for me by my number two daughter, Caroline while I was in Australia visiting her over the New Year.  Ah, memories :)  I almost forgot, the two blue jug/vase ornaments on either side of the fire in the oriental sitting room were bought for me by Caroline as well.  Yes, I am a spoilt mother.........

I wallpapered the unit with the only sheet of Venittien wallpaper I had from Les Chinoiseries.  When I bought it, I loved it, (and I think it was the last sheet they had) - but had no idea what I could do with one sheet.  Well, here's what I did with the one sheet :)

I wallpapered the back sides of the unit with some left over wallpaper from my own living room - pictured here next to my brick chimney breast and put some green baize/felt? on the base to protect my furniture.

I always had intended to get one of these little display corners made to display my chandeliers - I might make some to sell on at a later stage, so the light here isn't fixed in permanently, just in case it looks droopy to you.  I wouldn't leave anything like that intentionally!

I embellished the non-opening door with a lovely 'ribbed' moulding and put on two little findings in the corners and painted over the whole lot in the same paint as the wainscot.

The pictures were copied onto old style parchment paper and put into these lovely frames that originally had dreadful copies of what should have been lovely prints.  Anyway, I'm delighted with my little birds! :)

Oh, the floor.  This was done using little strips of quite thick parquet style wood.  I bought that some time ago off ebay, but again, there wasn't enough to do a full room, so waste not want not :)  Here it is, stained and waxed - and looking quite lovely I think :)

I still have to make the little things to put in here, such as stationery on the desk, and some books in the book table, but, again, it'll take time! :)

Well folks, there you have it.  My first little corner display.  On show in my living room.  Even my husband, dear help him, likes it.......I love it.

So if you have any orders needing fulfilled......let me know :)

All the best, and enjoy what's left of the weekend.