Friday, 12 December 2014

Fox Manor

The Second Floor - The Lady's Dressing Room/En-Suite


Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my Lady's Bedroom, and I'd love to welcome to my new followers, I appreciate each and every one of you.  I can't believe I have over 50 followers and have had 5000 page views, wow!  Thank you for making my enjoyment in building and decorating my Manor more special.

Now, the Dressing Room.  The Dressing Room is attached to the Lady's Bedroom and has an En-suite off that.  Sounds heavenly, doesn't it?

This space is directly above the Gent's Study/Hall and was originally supposed to have been a stairwell.  Again, I have a hall here leading from the Lady's Bedroom to the rest of the Manor....and yes, your imagination has to be fired up here! :)  I also have the Dressing Room and En-suite as well.  I was afraid I wouldn't get everything I wanted in here, but I think I have successfully achieved what I set out to do considering I am working with a total area of 10" x 15"!

I papered the ceilings as I had to fill in the hole from the stairwell, just in the same way as I have on previous floors.

The original hallway, with the hole for the stairwell filled in...I have such a lot to fit in this space!

The Hall area was papered with the same paper I have used in the halls throughout the house, just for continuity....and I really love the soft colour of it.  The flooring is an offcut of walnut flooring, as is the skirting.  The little table is just so beautifully detailed and fits in the hall perfectly and I placed the lamp to the far left so it can be seen from the bedroom.

The debacle with the installation of this doorframe leading from the bedroom to the hall is fully documented on my previous post on the Lady's Bedroom :)  You door!

I decided to paper the En Suite with the same paper as the hall, but in the deep burgundy colourway.  I thought (rightly or wrongly) it would contrast nicely against the bathroom fittings, and be a dramatic contrast to the delicate furniture and décor in the Bedroom and Dressing Room.  The original doorway to the room on the right, has been closed up and papered over to make this an enclosed room.

The shower cubicle was slight seconds that's why I have it taking a little bit of a back seat...but I think it looks just right here.  I know you won't be able to see all of the items in here, but, like the Gentleman's en-suite.....I know they are there.  The corner sink will be fitted on the right hand side when I install the wall.  The floor is, again, a card that I tiled with my favourite 'granite' tiles, and kept slightly high to enable the wiring from the study below to pass under.

A view of the layout of this area.  The Hall to the left and the En-Suite to the right.
The Dressing Room will be in front with an entrance to the En-Suite.
I papered the Dressing Room in the same paper as the Bedroom, Grand Bal by Les Chinoiseries,  and finished the doorway using the same Sue Cook plaster mouldings used in the Bedroom.  The doorway to the En-Suite is finished with a wooden surround and painted white. 

The Dressing Room wall has been erected and papered.


I had originally planned to install a glazed door leading from the Dressing Room to the En-suite, with a little curtain of Grand Bal by Les Chinoiseries behind it.....but my husband thought it would be an awful shame to hide so much of the En-suite, by having a door that could only open so far.  So, I am not adverse to repeating myself, and I decided to put a curtain here instead - just as I did for the Gentleman's Bedroom. 

I followed a wonderful tip given to me by Irene, when using the Pretty Pleater.  I had terrible trouble whilst working on my Gentleman's Bedroom curtain with the Pretty Pleater - the silk fabric just kept popping out of the 'ribs' no matter what I did.  Irene suggested wetting the pleater before using, and it was a brilliant help.  The fabric stayed put...yes!  I then sprayed the fabric with hairspray, as before, and when it dried, I arranged the folds to give a very high tie back style. 

I made the curtain in the Pretty Pleater, then I took it off to arrange the tie back.

Pinned to a high tie back for more visibility into the room.....and because I like it!

I went with this arrangement to give more visibility into the En Suite, and so that the curtain and tie-back wouldn't 'crowd' the gorgeous chair.  I trimmed the curtain with the same green fringing used for the little stool in the Lady's Bedroom.  I made the tieback in a similar fashion to the one in the Gentleman's Bedroom.  The curtain pole was a skewer - initially painted gold, but then I changed my mind and repainted it white..:)  The fittings were made up of little jewellery findings.

I used a little faceted glass dainty!

Jewellery findings to make the supports for the curtain and pole.

The little chair in the Dressing Room, is wonderfully made by the very talented Kris Compas, and I thought it looked just fabulous here.

I think this little chair is gorgeous!

I painted part of the ceiling rose with some of the green paint used in the Bedroom...again for continuity and to give a little colour to the ceiling area.

The floor is a mirror image of the Bedroom.  Planks on a 45 degree angle, but going the opposite direction.  I put a little marquetry in the floor in the doorway between the Bedroom and Dressing Room, which I just love.  It gives the plain floor a little definition between the two areas.

I used the same Heidi Ott light fitting here as in the Bedroom, but in the slightly smaller size.

Views of the interconnecting rooms.
I always keep the floors below covered up when I'm working, just to keep things clean and dust free!

The furniture in the Dressing Room were supposed to be shop fittings, but I love the look of the units in here.

I still have a lot of nik-naks to fill the shelves, but, again, all in good time :)

A picture in the dark with the Manor lights can just see the little corner sink in the En Suite, and I think the burgundy paper just glows.

Another view with the lights on!

From here you can see all areas of the Lady's Bedroom, Hall to the Bedroom, the Dressing Room and En-Suite.
The painting is called 'Windmill in Landscape' by Andrew Nicholls, it's so beautiful.  I have a couple of Andrew's paintings and I love each one!

I hope you have enjoyed this post, I know I tend to ramble on a bit, but thanks for persevering with me.....

My next room to be tackled will be the Lady's Sitting Room - but that may be a wee while away!

So until the next time, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours.

All the best and take care...enjoy your weekend!