Friday, 24 October 2014

Fox Manor

The Second Floor - The Lady's Bedroom

Hi everyone,

I can't believe it's been so long since I posted on my blog, but we'd been very busy at home preparing for my daughter Caroline's wedding which took place at the end of September.  I had been doing a bit of RL decorating in preparation and it was just lovely to see her.  As you all know, she lives in Australia at the moment and came home to Ireland to get married.  It's so hard to believe it was two years since she was last home....  So bear with me, folks, my miniature work may be slow, but I still am working at my head anyway!

I also want to say a big thank you for your kind comments on my little corner display and to welcome my new followers, welcome along!

This floor is going to be called, surprise, surprise, The Lady's Floor.  This floor will be a lot brighter with delicate colours, in contrast to The Gentleman's Floor below!

Now, the first room on the second floor to be done actually stretches across two rooms.  The main bedroom for my Lady, is directly above her husband's below - to the left of my manor.

The second part, is her adjoining dressing room, walking through to her en-suite - lucky lady! This is directly above the Gent's Study.  This area will also house part of the hall going out from her bedroom and going back into the manor - yes, imagination is all important here!  It does sound very complicated, but it will become a lot clearer! :)  Here's hoping.....

The door to the back of the room is the main entrance to the hall, and the newly made 'doorway' to the front of the room will enable my Lady to enter her dressing room and then through to her en-suite.  Thanks to my hubby for that!

In the bedroom I painted the ceiling and part of the wall in a Crown Period Colour in 'Flagon', a lovely soft green.  The central ceiling mould started life as a picture frame - papered in the centre with 'Grand Bal' from Les Chinoiseries.  I then stuck a lovely 'rosey' ceiling rose in the centre.  I am happy enough with the result.  I do like to try new things.....:)

The remainder of the room was then papered with 'Grand Bal' with some moulding and picture rail added.

The lovely plaster door surround for the main entrance to the bedroom is by Sue Cook and painted white.  The other open entrance through to the dressing room has a plaster sides also by Sue and doctored by me with a makeshift 'skirting' top! I do have little brackets to add, but I will complete the dressing room first before adding them.

I was such a ding-dong when I was painting the door from the hall to the bedroom!  Do you want a laugh?  Well, I decided the best way to paint my door was to remove it from the frame.  In my 'concentration', shall we say, in doing the adjoining hall, I glued the doorframe in so I could get that little space finished.....yes, doorframe.  I didn't even realise that I hadn't the door put back in until a week later! :(  Talk about a handling, trying to get the door back on and still have it working.  BUT I persevered and fiddled about until I got it in and working.  THEN I realised I really should have painted more of the doorframe as you can still see a lot of brown from the hallway side, in the bedroom.  But I think I will leave the door slightly ajar to the hallway so the little light can be seen on the table, and maybe the doorframe won't be as noticeable.

I painted the bed canopy white, but highlighted it with green, red and pink paint - it's not in place at the moment as I still have a curtain to make and attach to it - and it will be a lot easier to work with if it's not attached to the wall.

The fireplace is from Reutter, and I have been just waiting for somewhere to put it.  I think it's lovely.
The hearth is made from mountboard and, again, scored to imitate slabs, done in the same way as the hearth in the Games Room.  I have the wire for the fire running along the base of the skirting board in a little hollow that I left by making the floor a few millimetres shy from the wall.

The floor.  I think this floor took me so long to do, as I couldn't decide what I actually wanted here.  The making of it was fairly quick once I decided what I was doing.  I just laid plank flooring at a 45 degree angle.  I waxed it, and didn't like I put a darker wax on top and I am a lot happier with it now.  It's a plain floor, but I think the ornate furniture really stands out against it.

I made the little stool at the bottom of the bed myself :)  I wouldn't like to put it to the test and have someone sit on it.....but I think it looks very effective :)  I have covered it in 'Grand Bal' silk by Les Chinoiseries to match the wallpaper.

I had already bought the light fittings for the Lady's Bedroom and Dressing Room.  They are by Heidi Ott and I think they are very sumptuous for a bedroom.  But I am that type of girl :)  Girl, who am I kidding! Lol.  Anyway, I love a bit of bling, as long as it's tasteful.

Here's a few more pictures of the bedroom.  I have hidden the view to the dressing room with a box, but all will be revealed when I get it finished :)

Ignore the blue tape, it helps to keep the lower floors covered and clean....:)

So there we have it.  The Lady's Bedroom is nearly complete.  I still have to dress the bed, install the bed canopy with curtain, and perhaps a rug to bring a bit of warmth to the room, but, all in good time.

Thank you for looking at my Lady's Bedroom and I hope you have a lovely weekend.

All the best and take care,


Just a little snap of Caroline and her new husband, Aaron.....taken by me, so it's not the best:)