Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Fox Manor....from the beginning!

Hi, my name is Vivian Fox, I know very little about computers or blogging, so please be patient with me.

I am going to be cataloguing my efforts as I try to build my dollhouse - Grosvenor Hall, by the Dollshouse Emporium.

I have always been a 'crafty' person (you can take that whatever way you wish!), and have enjoyed making clothes, knitting, crochet, counted cross stitch and tapestries. 

But in the back of my head, I have always wanted a dollhouse, but never had the room for it, and, if I'm honest, afraid someone would laugh at a grown woman having one.

My children and husband had a good titter at the idea and, still, cannot see the point of having one!  Imagine, well non-miniaturists just don't get it.... 

Having had a few illnesses I just took the bull by the horns and, turned my hand to a few of little shop-type window vignettes, one for each of my two daughters and one for myself.  Giving each little project a personal touch and a nod to the individual's interests is so satisfying. Then I bought myself 'Jenny Wren's' from the Dolls House Emporium to really whet my appetite with, and, to be honest, just to see if I really wanted to continue with this hobby or if it was just a passing notion.

I loved it.  I turned 'Jenny Wren's' into my Barber Shop called 'The Close Shave', with living/office accommodation above. It's very simple but effective - I think anyway.

I was hooked..
In 2013, after a little stint in hospital; I decided now is the time to just go for it, and me being me, I really don't do things by half, ended up buying 'Grosvenor Hall' by the Dolls House Emporium - along with the basement, of course!  Oh, yes, no half measures here! 

Now, I'm sure every single person who has bought this house will say exactly the same thing I did when they started to assemble it...'Oh my God' and 'Wow' and everything else I cannot type here!

No matter how much I knew of the size and the dimensions of this house; I had measured and re-measured it - up against a wall and down on the floor; the size of it is breathtaking.....
Quite an undertaking for an amateur, for that's just what I am.
I think I have rambled on enough for my first post? blog? I'm not really sure of the correct 'techy' way of talking here.  Anyway, I will try to post a couple of pictures of my little shops - that'll be craic.  I'm Irish, by the way, not a drug dealer!


 For my daughter Caroline, she's a beautician, hence the perfumes and make-up!

 For my eldest daughter, Siobhan, she loves shopping, handbags and shoes....!  That's my girl!

This is 'The Close Shave', I'm sure you notice that there's no skirting board (base board); I was too scared to try all that cutting...then.

I also have realised I have a very unsteady hand at taking pictures, but I hope you enjoy looking at them anyway.

Caroline was a great 'Tomb Raider' fan in her younger days, hence Laura Croft is looking out from behind my little barber shop.

I hope you enjoyed my first posting and I will be back soon with the real reason for this blog, Fox Manor - named after yours truly.

Thank you.


  1. Hello Vivian,
    Welcome to mini blog world. It is great to have you onboard. Don't worry about what people think about a grown woman having a dollhouse. If a 188 cm tall, 200 pound man can have a dollhouse, so can you! People giggle at first, but when you have finished a room they will look at it in awe. The pictures of your projects are wonderful and I am excited to see how Grosvenor Hall comes to life. it is a beautiful kit. My Manor is on the large size as well and all I can say is don't be daunted by the size of the house. Have a general idea of the look and style you want and then attack the project one room at a time. Looking at your past work I know you have the talent to create an incredible project and I will love following your journey. Thank you for your lovely comments on my work and remember, no fear, you can do it, and have fun.
    Big hug,

    p.s. I hope your health is good and that you are doing well.

  2. Hi Giac
    Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my blog, it means an awful lot to me that you did. I come from Northern Ireland and dollshouses aren't really that 'big' here, if you know what I mean. When I look at your manor and see what can be achieved it really is amazing. I will take it one step at a time and see what happens, after all, our houses are for us at the end of the day, but if I can give one person some enjoyment with what I do, then that is worthwhile.
    All the best,

  3. Welcome from me too! The miniature community is a very kind and generous one as we all share a passion for all things small. Giac has said it all already, and I couldn't have said it better. Take it slow, don't be harsh on yourself, or afraid to fail. Cos that's how we learn, and that's how we grow. At least, that's my philosophy :)))) And never be afraid to ask!!! You'll be flooded with help and answers :)

    I'm one of those homeless girls around here, so I envy Grosvenor Hall/Fox Manor already!
    Looking forward to see it come to life.

  4. Welcome in the blog world, Vivian :D! Just as Giac and Debora already have told you: the miniature community is kind and generous, you'll see.
    Your room boxes are wonderful, thank you for sharing these pictures :D!
    I want to sign up as a new follower of your blog, but I see no Google Friend Connect tool to do so...?
    Kind regards, Ilona