Friday, 20 June 2014

Fox Manor

The Ground Floor - The Dining Room Chandelier

Hello everyone.  I know it's only been a couple of days since my last post, but I want to thank you for your lovely comments on my Dining Room.  I also want to welcome Margaret as my seventh follower.  I really appreciate the time taken to sit down and read my blogs.

Well, I got my Dining Room chandelier finally finished.  Here it is.

I am pleased with it....although I would have loved to have had more swags of swarovskis, I didn't realise that the openings in the little findings didn't match up until the last minute, so my swags were going to be awfully out of line.  Ah well, a lesson learnt.  Still, maybe with practice I will put this somewhere else and make a much larger one for in here....sometime :)  All in all, I think it turned out well for a beginner, and it works! Yeea..

I glued two six armed 'spokes' on top of each other and put my little candle holders in every alternate one.

The bottom of my chandelier with a beautiful Swarovski.

This was the top of the chandelier originally, it looked too crowded, so I removed some of the crystals.

Wiring in progress!

Piecing it all together...

I put my little chandelier into this bowl to support it while I worked on it.  Great job..:)

I got rid of the extra crystals at the top and I think it looks much better now.  This is when I tried to put on my swags, but realised it wasn't going to just look right...:(

Another view...
Ok, I thought the arms looked too harsh, and as I couldn't have my draping swags going from the top down, I decided to put 'swirls on the arms that didn't have a light.

And then there was light......

Some pictures of the chandelier from different angles.  I'm no photographer by any means, but I hope you get a feel for the light in situ.

So there we go folks.  My first attempt at making a working light.  I've a feeling it won't be the last.  Have a lovely weekend.
All the best


  1. Oh my make it look so easy! Maybe one of these days I will attempt one. I always wanted to. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hi Vivian
    I've said it before and I'll say it again - I can't believe you haven't done this before!! You are so accomplished, and you're doing things I only dream of tackling!
    Keep it coming...
    Si x

  3. Hi Vivian, nice to meet you here. You're building a great house! I look forward to seeing it develop.
    The chandelier looks wonderful. I was working on something similar two weeks ago, but wasn't happy with how it was going. Now it is waiting in a box until I find or make the right parts. Maybe seeing yours will get me to finish it ;-)

  4. Well Vivian, this chandelier is awesome and (just like grandmommy) I think you make it look so easy! Are you sure you never have done this before....;) ?
    Anyway, it is gorgeous to see in your Dining Room :D!
    Have a nice weekend!
    Hugs, Ilona

  5. Vivian, the chandelier is outstanding! Well done!

  6. Aw mummy, that's stunning. Your an absolute natural at this. So proud of what you have accomplished.

  7. I have just discovered your blog and I am very impressed! Great chandelier...dripping with elegance :)


  8. Hello Vivian,
    Terrific chandelier. I love that you put a lot of energy on central post section and not just drapes of crystals. It has a beautiful architectural look to it and is very elegant. Bravo! Very well done and it is perfect for the room.
    Big hug,

  9. Wow! What an amazing chandelier! This is your first one? Amazing work!!! I have just found your blog and look forward to seeing all your work!

  10. OMG that chandelier is GAW-JESS! Well done! It really makes me want to give one a go. Your dining room is superb.

  11. Hi Vivian,

    your chandelier looks absolutely amazing - elegant and not over-powering, just right for you lovely dining room!

    Do you have a link for where you bought your findings? - you have such a great selection there and have used them all so perfectly,


  12. Hello Vivian, Wow this is fabulous! It is truly beautiful and fits perfectly in your room. Where did you find the "spokes"? I look forward to seeing more of your lovely work.

    1. Hello JessiesMom :) Thank you for your lovely comments. It's a while now from I did any miniature work, but I think I got most of the findings for the chandelier from Bindles Ornaments. They are from the Netherlands...I think, but I know they are online and post worldwide....or at least they did. I hope you give it a go.

      All the best from Ireland!