Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Fox Manor

The First Floor - The Gent's Study

The Gent's Study is on the first floor, directly above the main entrance hall.  This is where the stairs should have come up, but I have decided to squeeze a study in here.  You can see that access to the stairway is through the doorway in the hall behind the study :)

I know I used some toile in the dining room below, but I just had this vision of a green study; and the image of lots of plain painted surfaces in a soft green and the toile just appealed to me - I don't have a notion what era this type of look would be.  But I like it....:)

I had wondered if the toile would look too feminine, but I hope I have struck the right balance here.

As on the floor below, I had to fill in the hole in the ceiling left by the stairwell, then I installed a false wall, but kept the doorways to the rooms on either side still working.  I had to turn the internal wall sections of the kit, back to front, to have the doorways going into the back of both the Bedroom and Games room, to give me a working room to the front.  You will be able to catch a glimpse of the hallway to the back of the study through the Gent's Bedroom but unfortunately the door opens the wrong way into the Gent's Games Room, so no view from there I'm afraid. 

I have, once again, left the key in the door.  The sideboard and mirror are both by Glenowen.  I bought them because I fell in love with them, but at the time, had no idea where they would go.  I think the mahogany colour of the furniture, the redwood flooring and the wallpaper have a warmth to them, which contrasts nicely to the white door and skirting board.  The wallpaper is the same one used to the back of the Entrance Hall, downstairs.  I wanted to keep the hall areas wallpapered the same just for continuity.  This was English Rose Beige by Mini Graphics. The two lamps were bought off ebay - from an artisan, but I am ashamed to say, I cannot remember who.  American I think!

The false wall was papered on both sides, as I wanted any reflection from the mirror in the hall to be visually correct, and the door was fixed in before being installed.

I initially intended the fireplace to be on this wall, but ended up putting it on the left-hand side of the room.  I wanted a working fire and picture light above so I needed to be able to hide the wires.  I made a 'wall' from mountboard and run the wires from the fireplace and the picture light up the back and along behind the coving.

I lie in bed many a night, thinking about my next move with regards to the problems I set myself such as the placement of wiring, decorating, etc.. , and I wonder how many miniaturists do the same thing....everyone I imagine! :) The wiring was so fiddly to do.. I think I could have made life a little easier with longer wires, but you live and learn, I'll know for again!  This house is such a learning curve for me, but I'm loving it!  Being a glutton for punishment comes to mind lol :)

With the left-hand wall glued in place, my next move was to paper the ceiling.  I used an embossed paper for this, as it helps to hide the cover-up job with the hole for the stairwell :) You know I don't particularly like to leave a ceiling totally devoid of some type of decoration :)

The floor was put down next; you remember the floor here was initially being made for the Dining Room, but I went astray somewhere in the making, and earmarked the remaining 'good' part for the study, so that has saved me a bit of time here.  I think it looks well having the dark floor with the brighter wallpaper and ceiling.
The coving, door and frame, skirting, wainscoting and corbels on were all painted in Lincoln Green by Craig & Rose 1829, a lovely chalky effect paint.

The wainscoting in the Study was made and installed in parts, as I couldn't wait for my husband to use his man saw if I made it as a complete piece.  So I mitred the skirting first, and glued it in; then I cut the deep pieces with my craft knife - I did not need to mitre the corners here, I just butted them up to each other, then the dado rail was cut (and mitred) and glued into place.  That's the simplest way for me to put on wainscoting.  The small space to the left of the fireplace and to the right of the door (as you look at them) were slightly big for the plain part of the pattern on the wainscot, so I had cardboard a similar thickness, which I cut and painted to suit.  You wouldn't even know that it wasn't wood.....something to keep in mind for the future!!

At this point, I thought the wallpaper was still too 'full on' in the study, so I painted fine angled wood in the same green and placed them in the corners just to break up the sea of toile :)

The fireplace may look slightly big for this area, but I tried different ones in here, (and even contemplated painting one the same green as the rest of the room!) but this fireplace kept coming out on top all the time.  Although it's a warm stone colour, when I put it in the study, it just had a slight green tinge to it, which I loved.  My hubby also thought it was right for the room, so it's staying.

Overall, I am very happy with this space.  I think I have made very good use of it.  Considering the overall area was 10" wide x 15" deep, I have a hall and study, with the rooms on either side opening onto the hall.

I still have ornaments and bits and pieces to go in, but all in good time :)

What do you think of my little safe?  I love it, it is a pencil sharpener I bought off ebay and the door handle turns to open it up....class!  The little book on top is about the Titanic and has print inside.  I bought that from datemanbooks.com, a brilliant company - take a look if you get a chance!  The binoculars and case are marvellous, I bought them from the Luggage Lady at the NEC.  A lovely wee woman with amazing bags, luggage, gloves, etc.

I bought the fox head at the NEC in Birmingham in March as well.  I told you I did damage on that trip! lol  I have a fixation with anything 'Fox'..... it comes from the day I first met my husband :)

The painting over the fireplace is an original by a wonderful artist, Andrew Nicholl, and is called 'In a bit of a Blow'.  It is amazing.

I really hope you enjoyed my Gent's Study/Hall.  Thank you again for looking.

I think the next room is going to be the Gent's Bedroom, which is to the left of the study.

Until the next time, all the best and take care.



  1. I love it Vivian! What a great job you've done turning one space into two really great rooms. I like the way you turned the internal walls round so the doors could lead to the hallway.
    The dark green works perfectly with the wallpaper and your Fox references are so adorable!
    You have some really lovely objects - that painting is amazing!
    Can't wait to see more
    Si x

  2. Hi Vivian! I Love what you have done with this space! It was very creative to make the room in front of the hallway... and still have the stairs come up "somewhere"! I think the pattern is lovely and the furnishings are Beautiful! That desk is so ornate and original! I don't think men were so concerned with a "masculine" look to things long ago.... just look at Versailles... ! LOL! We have recently decided that masculine needs to be all plain and colorless.... I think your study is a great compromise... the patterns are rich and sophisticated and the colors are just subdued enough to not seem "flashy". I love color... and I think the green in this room is rich and gives a sense of stability and "authority" to the room. Your accessories are wonderful... the bank safe from a pencil sharpener? Fantastic! And I love the fox! (I can imagine why you do too!) And I really Love the door pediments! Great Room!
    Oh, and I almost forgot.... the painting is Unbelievably beautiful!!!! Just Perfect for this room!

  3. I can see this is going to be another one of those beautifully elegant houses! You are doing a fantastic job!

  4. Hello Vivian! You did it again: your Gent's Study/Hall is an awesome room. You have solved all the problems on such a lovely way, you give us the impression that it all seemed to be so easy ;0! I also like the color scheme you've used (blue is my absolute favorite), it is stylish, elegant and has grandeur. I like the shape of the writing desk, it fits excellent in this room. But especially the painting of Andrew Nicholl......you know: I have something with boats and the sea (born at the seaside) :D!
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures, your work experiences and how to's!
    Have a nice week and I wish you lots of creativity :)! Kind regards, Ilona

  5. Ha how can you get things so small?? your hands arn't that dinky:) Fantastic job as always xxx

  6. Hello Vivian!
    I am far behind in sending you greetings. Life sometimes gets in the way.
    First, your chandelier in the Dining Room is exquisite! Your Drawing Room lovely with the Chinese wall covering, and now the Gentleman's Study such a warm cozy space. Love the dark green colour.
    It is a treat to get to see your work.
    Warm regards to you,

  7. Hello Vivian,
    It is beautiful. Bravo my friend! You did an excellent job. I love the toile and think using it in a smaller space is a great idea. Too much toile is not always a good thing. The green corner pieces break it up nicely. speaking of the green , you chose the perfect shade for the room. It all works together so well. I am a sucker for embossed ceiling paper, as you may have guessed, and think the one you chose really adds grace and charm.
    The fireplace is really lovely and I think a good choice. As far as size goes I think it works in the space...the room has a very Georgian feel to me.
    The safe is lovely, great find, and all your accessories in the room just make the room even more fantastic.
    Excellent work Vivian.
    Big hug,

  8. Hello Vivian,

    You are really doing wonderful work! I really like the study with its panelling and the toile wallpaper. The room has a rich but restrained air to it that any gentleman would be glad to retreat to after a busy day :-) You have some beautiful miniatures and this room is the perfect showcase for them.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. El estudio está perfecto. Me encanta el tono del color verde y el papel de la pared. Hace un bonito contraste con el suelo. La puerta es muy original y el cuadro precioso. Muy bonita la decoración.