Saturday, 21 February 2015

The Garden Room Corner

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well.  A huge thank you for your lovely comments on my Lady's Sitting Room, I really appreciate them; and welcome to my new followers, I hope you enjoy my blog!

Now, in my last post I had said to watch this space.....well this is what I've been up to!

This little glimpse of a garden room is 12.5 inches finished height, and 8 inches square internally with a 10.5 inch high floor to ceiling height; fitted with a working light with an on/off switch.

Naked!  Except for the light fitting.....


A couple of shots of the interior... with De Vine Miniatures chair, sofa and table - aren't they lovely?  I painted the plant stands....I think they look a bit better now than in their original white!

A shot of the exterior covered with a paper which closely matches Damask Cream used on the ceiling.

You can see the battery pack on the other side...

A view of the ceiling...

A shot of the top, but still a work in progress when this was taken!

I have...and still am....really enjoying working on Fox Manor, and have decided to make more roomboxes and corners to sell so I can keep on designing room scenes and keep on decorating.  I had been in despair at the thought of finishing my Manor and never being able to decorate again!  So I have decided, rather than filling up my house with dollshouses I would make little scenes, baby gifts and pieces of miniature furniture given the Vivian treatment to sell on.

A very ambitious notion for me, I know, but let's see how it goes....and if the worst comes to the worst and nobody buys them, I guess I'll just place them around my I will only make what I love!  Simple!! :)  My website is and is still a work in progress at the moment!

Well folks, that's it for now, and I hope you have enjoyed a tour of my little Garden Room Corner.

All the best


  1. It truly is enjoyable Vivian! Thank you for your inspiration!

  2. such a pretty scene. Good Luck with selling your roomboxes!

  3. Hi Vivian! This roombox is really wonderful and I love the scene in it, it's gorgeous.
    I wish you good luck with selling your roomboxes :D!
    Have a nice weekend,

  4. Hi Vivian, I hope you are keeping well?
    This is such a pretty room set. I love how you make these little rooms, they are great to show off special mini things and just to have a bit of fun.
    I'm enjoying following you on Pinterest.
    Si x

  5. Vivian, that's a great idea. Your work is lovely and you will have fun making all those mini scenes just as you want them to be.

  6. Hello Vivian,
    It looks beautiful. I think it is a great idea to keep on making roomboxes. you have wonderful ideas and are a very talented miniaturist. I can't relate to that feeling of your manor coming to an end...I don't think that day will ever come for me ;)
    Big hug,

  7. What a good idea Vivian, to create and sell your "corners". It opens up all sorts of possibilities especially if there's something you'd like to have but don't want to do a whole house. I wonder how many of them you'll not be able to part with!

    It's sad when work on a property comes to an end but I have found there's always that little item that presents itself and you really must have it so they're never really finished. I just wonder if your property ownership will end with your Manor may only be a matter of time! Good luck with your little corners and your website.

  8. <3 That garden room is gorgeous. The furniture is stunning. I have no doubt you will sell all your little roomboxes. They will be too exquisite for anyone to resist.

  9. Una escena preciosa , felicidades por este trabajo:-)