Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Basement

The Kitchen

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all doing well.  Before I start describing the making of my kitchen in Fox Manor, if anybody has any tips on getting my pictures clearer or bigger on my blog I would be very grateful.  As I have said before, I am new to all this and still feeling my way around.

Anyway, enough of my gabbling, let's get going on the kitchen, I hope you enjoy it :)

This is my kitchen, the stone floor was a nightmare to put down.  Well, I should say that it took a frustrating couple of days to piece the floor together until I was happy with the result, it was just like putting a jigsaw together.  The flooring is by Richard Stacey.  I glued the tiles down, varnished them with matt varnish, grouted them and put a top coat of matt varnish on to seal the floor.  I have to say, I think it looks well.
  I have already painted the walls and have the tiling done - well it is an embossed laminated card, but looks very effective just the same.  I cut the top off the card tiles as I intended to build a brick chimney breast here to house my stove and use these remaining tiles here.  Nothing like being ambitious eh?

The parts for my chimney breast, cut from fairly thick cardboard.  What a messy table!

This is the housing for my stove made from cardboard and tiled with the leftover pieces from tiling the kitchen.
Checking for fit.....phew!
The frame for my chimney breast, made from cardboard with wooden strips for support.

I put a solid back on thinking it might help with gluing to the wall.  This is all new to me, so I am going on a wing and a prayer most of the time!

I'm getting there, I used brickslips from Richard Stacey and glued them on.  The reason I used grey cardboard, was so that I hoped it would look like mortar between the bricks.

Making my little shelf over the fireplace from moulding; I also made two little brackets as well.

Not looking too bad, I think.

Just about fits! I think snug comes to mind!

Not too bad at all.  At this point my hubby thought my chimney breast was class - miracles will never cease.. :)

I wanted beams in here, so my hubby helped with cutting the wood for me.  (The first interest he has shown :)) It was just a little too thick for my wee saw.  I stained them in walnut to match my shelf and table.

My dog Tyson, has just spotted a sneaky rat under the sink nibbling on a piece of bread!

A very busy kitchen table.

My finished kitchen, I love it.  I made the little cloth and apron, and I stained the table and dresser as well.  My cook likes to take a rest here and have a little tipple from the carboy beside her!
I hope you enjoyed the making of my kitchen, I certainly did!
Next time, I will be blogging about my scullery, and that will be the basement finished.
I am like a woman possessed at the moment.  Every spare minute I have is thinking or doing something for my house.....and a thought just occurred to me, if I keep going at this rate I will have my house finished this year, then what?
Well I'm sure I'll think of something else :)
All the best,




  1. Wow, Vivian, your kitchen look awesome! I love the mantle piece and the brickwork, it's done so well. The tiles around the stove are beautiful, it looks so cozy in your kitchen with all those wonderful miniatures to see :D! You did a great job on the floor tiles too, it is fantastic work!
    Your pictures are big enough, at least they are for me. If you visit your blog on the internet and you click on the pictures, they'll enlarge themselves and you can see everything very well :D! I hope you understand what I mean, because of my poor English ;)?
    I am curious to see the scullery. I wish you a nice week and lots of creativity.
    Kind regards, Ilona

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments, Ilona, I really appreciate it. Now I understand what you mean by enlarging the pictures, I really have a lot to learn :) I didn't even know you could do that :) Thank you so much.
      All the best,

    2. You're welcome :D! Personally I enjoy blogging very much, because one can learn a lot from other bloggers and I am thankful for their tutorials. It must have taken them a lot of time to write tuto's. I wish my English of the technical terms was better, so I could do the same for them. So I try to explain my miniature work by pictures and a story ;)! I love some humor in blogs :D
      Feel free to ask me if you need help. I only can hope I can help you, because of my bad knowledge of the English language.
      All the best, Ilona

  2. Hello Vivan,
    Brace yourcelf, if you think you are like a woman possessed now it just gets worse. The kitchen is beautiful. I love the chimney you made. So many miniaturists just pop a stove into a cavity without making proper connections for the smoke pipe...it drives me crazy. The tiles you chose are great and the kitchen look marvelous. the floor is terrific... well done.
    Big hug,