Tuesday, 31 March 2015

BIG BIG Birthday this month.........

and my trip to Miniatura at the NEC in Birmingham

Hello Everyone,

Firstly, thank you to all for your good wishes on my new little venture!  Also, I want to welcome all new followers to my blog, welcome along! 

Now, as you've guessed, I've a BIG birthday this month, (shhh! I'll be 50) and I am giving a massive 20% discount on all my items in my Etsy shop for the month of April only.  The promotional code is BIG50.  The link to my wee shop is on the right hand side of my blog... spread the word! :)

I also went to the Miniatura Show at the NEC in Birmingham last weekend.  It is only the second miniature fair I've ever been to and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I stocked up on lots of fabric and trimmings, and some little kits - and spoiled myself with a tea set for my Dining Room from Stokesayware....It matches the Dining Set I bought last year.  In the second picture you can see a little spills vase for the fireplace, that's for the Dining Room too!

I also bought some fabulous glassware from Phil Greynor at GlassCraft, I just love his items.  The two little china ornaments in the front of the second picture are Ottervale China by Anne Dalton... can you see the little fox, he's so cute!  I know, I can't resist a fox..... sure I married one!! LOL

A couple of pictures of the china in the cabinet, that's from the Lady's Sitting Room.... I intended to get around to taking a picture of it in situ, but I'm a ding dong and forgot!

I got wallpaper from Susan Bembridge and a beautiful picture frame from John J Hodgson too.  It's a warm cream colour with gold.  You can also see a fancy 'border'? set.  That's destined for a roombox I'm going to make for me!  At the top of this picture are a couple of lovely mirrors from Tarbena, they're destined for that same roombox.......unless I change my mind, of course! :)

The gorgeous lamp with a marvellous red shade was made by Ray Storey, I just love his lamps and lighting too, they are little miniature works of art.  Mind you all the items I bought are made by true craftsmen.....and craftswomen!

I know I spoiled myself, but birthdays like this one, only come along once in a lifetime..... at least that's the excuse I'm sticking with! LOL

So that's it for another wee while.  I must get started on my attic, but, well, don't laugh; I have to get in the big steps for that job!

All the best and take care,



  1. Hi Vivian! I think that you were perfectly right in spoiling yourself for your 50th! Your StokesayWare tea set is Divine and your glassware and lamp are Beautiful and they look wonderful in the china cabinet!
    Happy Birthday to you and now you will need to think about your 51st birthday because that only comes around once too! :D


  2. Dear Vivian, I appear to be following Elizabeth around tonight.
    Enjoyed seeing the photos of your purchases. Ah, I think E. & I both lust after your StokesayWare and how exciting to see them in your china cabinet. I am sure you had a wonderful time arranging them.
    I also admire the cranberry glass and have a small collection.
    You will remember your special birthday with the treasures you have bought.
    All the best. Janine

  3. Hello Vivian,
    Well done! Those are all awesome purchases! The dinner set is one of my favorites from Stokesay Ware and I just love the little fox. How beautiful! The glass and the lamp you found are also just gorgeous. What and amazing collection you have. The mirrors and frame are also divine and will be perfect in one of your elegant boxes. Well done my friend!
    Big hug,

  4. What a beautiful lamp! You bought very pretty things!
    BIG hugs to you! ;)

  5. Hi Vivian! You are so right to spoil yourself a 'bit', but not just because you will celebrate a BIG birthday ;O! Your purchases are amazing, they are all so beautiful!
    I'm also a great admirer of the glass items of Phil Greynor at GlassCraft, but it seems he doesn't do the miniature shows here in The Netherlands anymore, that's such a pity :(. Three years ago I've bought several pieces of him for the first time, but I'm afraid that it will be all what I can buy from him, if he doesn't appear on the fairs here....*sigh*.
    The lamp of Ray is another beauty, he is such a humorous man, always a joke and a smile, eh?!
    Hugs, Ilona

  6. All beautiful items Vivian, and a great big happy birthday! You do deserve those beautiful things, no matter what age, and you will appreciate them. Good luck with that cleaning and tidying!

  7. Many happy returns, Vivian. You certainly treated yourself, and rightly so. I love your ruby glassware and it looks perfect in the cabinet. I can't wait to see what you do with the panels in your room set.
    Have a great birthday and Happy Easter.

  8. Happy Birthday Vivian. You did very well with your little purchases from the fair, the Stokesayware is an excellent gift to yourself, I think. I also like your panels, they're a great idea and I think I would be looking out for something similar - good price too.

    I didn't attend the fair this time round as I'm off to Kensington in May (there's only so much in the pot!) but we may manage to meet up at one of them, one day.

  9. Vivian! It looks like you may have had a little TOO much fun at the fair! :0) I love the things you've added to your collection, the Stokseyware, the Ray Storey lamp, the Greynor pieces. Have fun placing them all into your scenes!

    Treat the "fox" well! He obviously treats you well! :0)

  10. Happy Birthday! I'm glad you got so many things from the fair and took great photos. I love everything you got! The fox is soooo adorable! Now you know you can celebrate big birthdays for an entire month right? :D

  11. Hi Vivian

    I have just found your blog and I have to say that I really love the work you have done on your dolls house. You bought some beautiful items from Miniatura and when I saw that you had bought the little Fox from Ottervale China I think that I was standing right by you at the fair as I clearly remember someone buying a Fox ornament while I was looking at Anne`s wonderful China. I am also celebrating my 50th birthday this year, so I think I will take a leaf out of your book and treat myself rotten at the autumn Miniatura.

    I look forward to your next post.

    Jayne c