Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Fox Manor

The Attic - The Playroom

Hello everyone!

It really has been quite a while since I blogged about Fox Manor!  I know I have been busy with RL and with my little Etsy shop, but, at long last I have a little something to show you :)

I also want to welcome my new followers and say a big thank you to my 'regulars' who always take the time to read my wee blog and leave their comments!  You are always so encouraging..... and it's always appreciated. :)

As you know, I have now reached the attic of Fox Manor.  I really was dreading this, because the attic floor level is nearly 6' high - I am only 5'1" or so! LOL.  I have braved the dizzying heights of my step stool - which my husband finds hilarious :) to work on this, the last floor in my manor :(

With nothing in the room!

The attic floor plan is like this:   The centre room, which was originally destined to be the stairwell, has been given the 'Vivian treatment' and been converted into The Playroom where the children play during the day, when they're not outside or at their lessons :)  This room also has a doorway in the 'new' back wall that leads to the hall and the stairs to the rest of my Manor!  You know the old story!! :)  This room also has two doors which lead to the adjacent rooms in this floor.  The room to the left of The Playroom - as you look face on - is going to be The Night Nursery where the wee ones sleep and the room to the right is going to be The School Room where their lessons are taught!  The only access to these rooms will be through The Playroom....  This room is truly 'central' to the attic floor - I hope this all makes sense!

All in all, this centre room is going to be very busy, with three doorways and (eventually) lots of children's toys too!  This is the only room in my Manor that looks quite bare at the moment!

Now, another issue I have with these attic rooms, is the shape of them.  Not only does the back wall slope, the side ones do too.  Because I am putting a false wall to the back of the centre room, to create the back hallway, The Playroom, will look 'squared' - albeit with three doorways!

But the side rooms each have a sloping back wall and one sloping side wall.....arranging the furniture layouts is going to be 'fun' to say the least.  Well, I am always game for a challenge and I have a couple of ideas up my sleeve!

The Playroom!  I papered the back sloping wall with my favourite hall paper which has been carried for continuity right up through my Manor. 

The wall assembled and ready to go!

I made the false wall with a working door - which leads to the back hall, to the rest of the Manor.  I have a little light in the hall for realism, just to show that there is life back there!!:) and you can just glimpse the newel posts of the 'stairs'.  Oh yes!  Everything has to make sense to me....:)

A glimpse of the back hall.

I have papered The Playroom with Streets Ahead wallpaper in Beatrix Potter Garden Harvest.  I love the Beatrix Potter characters and even though this is a fairly small room, I think it carries the pattern well - it has a lovely pale green background.  I have also papered the panels on the back door with this wallpaper also.  I wanted to do something with that door, and this is what happened LOL!  Having three white doors in a small room was a little much, even for me.  So, I think this has helped!

The flooring throughout the attic will be just plain wooden planks.  I decided that plain was best here. I stained the flooring in the Playroom dark walnut and waxed to finish.  I think the dark floor really compliments the paper.

I have the picture centred looks a bit off in this photo!

I wanted fireplaces in all of the attic rooms and have positioned a lovely corner fireplace in this room.  After the stress and 'craic' I had installing the corner fireplace in the Housekeeper's Room in the basement, I swore never again..... but there you go - I have another one!  (It's a bit like having a baby...LOL).

I have made an angled chimney breast for my corner fireplace which, I think, makes it more realistic.  I then finished it with a working wall lamp - the wiring of which had me at my wits' end...never mind, another lesson learned.  Make sure the hole for the wiring is big enough to push through the connection joint before work commences :)  I made the lovely little picture which depicts a couple of Beatrix Potter characters - Jemima Puddleduck with Mr. know I had to have a Fox somewhere in the room LOL :) 

The ceiling light does not exactly match the wall light, but I deliberately did that.  I also made a point of having no ceiling rose.  Again, this is the attic of the house, and my family knew that there would be 'no-one of importance' up there!!  Remember, children were seen, not heard!  And, before the children arrived this area was probably used for servants quarters or storage. 

I don't have a lot to actually put into this room yet, but as with every other room in my Manor, I will get there eventually!!

A view of the high chair!

So there we are, The Playroom is complete!  I have really enjoyed this little room and I am itching to move onto The Night Nursery.

Take care everyone and enjoy the rest of your week!

All the best



  1. ¡Que bonita habitación Vivian! Va a ser una sala de juegos perfecta....Estoy deseando verla "habitada". Un beso

  2. The room is beautiful. I love the gorgeous wallpaper.
    Hugs Maria

  3. Hi Vivian

    Your room looks so lovely and I think your choice of wallpaper really sets the room off. I love your attention to detail with the open door and view of the hallway beyond. I can't wait to see what you do to the other rooms.

    Jayne x

  4. So, so lovely Vivian! I have longed for this update from you! ;)

  5. Great little room, Vivian, and I love that you can still see a newell post through the door.

    A suggestion for your two side rooms is putting in another false wall, on the back wall. This would give you at least a little vertical wall space (depending on how tall you made it) and you really wouldn't lose a lot of functional space by doing it. Anyway, I look forward to seeing how you tackle those rooms too!

  6. *sigh* if ONLY I had had such a lovely room to play in when I was a child I may never have emerged from the attic! I LOVE the wall treatments and the corner fireplace is enchanting! The connecting hall is perfect!
    Oh, to be young again!:D


  7. Very beautiful. I like everything.

  8. Hey Vivian! This is certainly a nicer playroom than the one I had growing up! Mine was cement (i.e.converted garage!)!

    Love the Beatrix Potter wallpaper, especially the wainscot, and I think your treatment of the back wall, esp. the peekaboo view of the stair, is pretty darn cool!


  9. So pretty. I love the idea of the lighted hall. Next, comes the little rabbit scene on the bottom walls. Everything is just delightful. I can imagine everything you said!

  10. Wonderful work!!

  11. I adore the rabbit detailing on the door! :D The whole room is lovely!

  12. So beautiful! I can't believe your attention to detail! Making a false wall is beyond awesome! I'm so impressed with your work!

  13. Your so talented mummy. You will never stop amazing me. And as for the metaphor regarding the chimney as having another child, you'd have it no other way lol xxx

    1. Thank you my darling daughter :) So glad you're enjoying my Manor.....when you finally get home, you will see it for real in all its glory!

  14. Hello Vivian,
    What a terrific room. I love the wall you added with a glimpse of the hall. That is an amazing touch. the paper is beautiful and the entire room is just perfection. Every accessory is just right. Excellent work my friend.
    Big hug,

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